• Clocktower Sanctuary annual report 2012 - integrating images with words creates powerful effects
  • Clocktower Sanctuary annual report 2011 - our skills with photoshop will always ensure your pictures have the impact you're looking for
  • EMI Music Production 2012 - we can cater for all kinds of brands; large international companies through to small local concerns
  • Book flyer, The Nautical Institute and The Royal Navy, 2011 - whatever you business area we'll find the right look for you
  • Clocktower Sanctuary annual report 2011 - Choosing the correct artwork is crucial, PMD has the knowledge and experience to help you get this right
  • Horizons, Lloyd's Register, 2013 - we love making impactful magazine pages, even simple pages can have a big effect
  • Horizons, Lloyd's Register, 2012 - the cover is the most important page of your magazine, we'll make it count
  • The Navigator, 2012 - want to develop a unique identity, we'll go there with you
  • Professional Beauty, 2012 - we can take your magazine on to the next level by improving the layout, the copy and the process
  • Sector Perspectives, Lloyd's List, 2011 - there does not have to be a choice between function and looks, we'll take both and make them work
  • Sector Perspectives, Lloyd's List, 2011- even corporate magazines can be edgy, don't be scared to really say something
  • Clocktower Sanctuary annual report 2012 - numbers don't have to be dull, we can add dynamism to your data
  • Horizons, Lloyd's Register, 2013 - clean and professional, we know how to do the perfect business look
  • Polar Ship Operations, The Nautical Institute, 2012 - readers need to get the relevant information quickly and easily, see how we've used colour and clear typesetting to make this happen
  • Tanker Insight, Drewry, 2011 - information can be engaging, we'll make sure your publications don't intimidate your customers
  • Tanker Insight, Drewry, 2011 - this report was made in Word but we can output to the best format for you. Talk to us about the options available
  • Casualty Management Guidelines, The Nautical Institute, 2012 - we won't allow your words to become dull, even the driest of subjects can be enlivened by dramatic art
  • Numerical Weather Prediction, The Nautical Institute, 2013 - sometimes simple and elegant is all that is needed, we have the courage to do nothing when needed
  • Rita - a life, The Baxter Family, 2011 - we told this lady's lifestory in a bespoke book; beautifully written, uniquely designed and handbound for the ultimate vanity gift
  • Rita - a life, The Baxter Family, 2011 - no matter what the condition of your archive prints and documents, we can make them sparkle with new energy.
Writing a book takes time, dedication and commitment; the process is lengthy, complicated and requires expertise in copy-editing, proofing, design and production. Having invested all that time and resource into producing the content, it's important to choose the right partner to help bring it to life. PMD knows the book publishing business inside out, so whether you want the finished product in print or as an ebook that can be enjoyed on an iPad, Kindle or other electronic reader, we'll make sure your path to great books is as easy as can be.
Magazines are still the most effective way of putting up-to-date news, lively debate and engaging features in front of your audience and offer a real opportunity to make a splash with all of your customers. We have loads of experience in producing magazines and really know how to grab the attention of your readers with eye-catching designs and dynamic, interactive content. Whether it's in print or online, we can deliver the right product for you. Just tell us what you want to say and we’ll take care of the rest.
Business Information
In modern business publishing information has become the key currency, but displaying data in an engaging and clear way is a discipline many publishing services can't get their heads around. The challenge is to deliver the necessary data in an inviting way so that people can get the information they need quickly and easily. At PMD we always ensure your information is at your customer’s fingertips when they need it and in the format they prefer. There’s no need for data to be dull, and you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with just basic facts and figures.
Advertising & marketing
In a crowded marketplace it’s often hard to get your voice heard above the chatter of your competitors. Identities for organizations and companies need to establish values and purpose, but they also require careful on-going management. PMD can take the time and effort out of this and help you find the right voice and create the perfect look for your business and then develop effective advertising and marketing material to help it grow. We can also take care of annual reports, catalogues, brochures, flyers, posters, exhibition stands, Powerpoint presentations and more, which means we’ll have all your requirements covered.